Ever since I’ve begun working with Ben, he has always helped me find creative ways to manage and bypass any stumbling blocks preventing success.....He seems to get more done as a single individual than most people can even with a team.....He never just looks at immediate needs, but balances those out by envisioning what would make smart long range goals.....That is why the business has had such a powerful turnaround. There is an art to Ben’s high level of marketing.

Adam Satinsky -- Principal Cellist, Naples Philharmonic and co-owner, Thai Udon Cafe

Ben is a highly intuitive individual with a keen ability to see connections, strengths, and potential for your business....an excellent listener who can distill your vision and goals into well articulated concepts.

Laura Barron -- Executive Director, Instruments of Change


RESTAURANT AS ART - I am happy to have had a hand in the development of @thaiudonfifthavenue - just opened a week ago!! I wrote the business plan for this project in consultation with the owners, focusing on taking the brand equity and great reputation they had built with their first restaurant @thaiudoncafe down to Naples' highly coveted tourist hotspot on 5th Avenue. My role in the project included location scouting, demographic research, projections, market analysis and more. I have since moved to Vegas but continue to serve as webmaster for the two restaurants. I'm sure the owners will find much success in their new venture and I will enjoy watching it unfold! And I'm hungry every time I look at their scrumptious foodie shots! #consultant #restaurant #asianfood #foodie #swfl #naples #marketing

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STAMP OF APPROVAL: #logo #design draft. Foodytown is a food interest and marketing brand I am developing. I'm redesigning the website now, launching the reboot in a few days. It'll have some nice visual presentation of top listings in varying categories like #ramen #foodtruck #microbrew I enjoy finding ways to present ideas that are difficult to visualize, or sometimes I just think I have a unique concept. Foodytown isn't going to replace Yelp any time soon, but it will be unique, fun and utilitarian. I am interested to see where it leads and looking forward to collaborating with foodies, restaurants, media and other creatives. The website will be focused on the Vegas area to start, but I'm trying to design with scalability in mind. If you are a foodie or in the food industry in any way I'd love to hear from you with collaborative ideas or criticism. . . #webdesign #foodie #cuisine #marketing #brand #business #graphicdesign

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